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Wet Basement?

Basement water seepage can create a wet or damp basement and be the cause of a multitude of problems for your home and your family.

Damage to stored goods, laundry areas and mechanical units, can be very costly to replace.

High moisture areas are a feeding ground for mold, insects & critters, creating safety and health risks.

Understanding Water

An annual basement inspection, starting with a sump pump service, then double checking for any signs of basement water seepage, puddling mold or mildew growth can give you the option to fix problems before they become issues.

We understand how water works, how it runs through the ground and how and where it can enter your home. Our gurus insure your home is properly protected for the type of ground water that is potentially entering your home and help you protect against water seepage.


We Provide Solutions

Heavy rains and ground saturation can cause extensive damage in your basement or crawlspace. Additionally, gutter drain placement, and incorrect grading of  your property can cause many problems, including water seepage.

Once the water enters, you need solutions. The water needs to be removed properly and completely. Proper sump pump placement and drainage is necessary to prevent long term damage and potential mold growth.


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